Dublin: From China, with love

Whether paper-cutting, calligraphy, tai chi or Chinese instruments – there is much to see and discover for the students of transition year attending their Chinese Language & Culture Workshop.


Seoul: Time to say goodbye

I am leaving the field with many insights into the school’s culture and creative appropriation of global citizenship education – definitely a lot to think about back home at my desk!


Seoul: Diversity in the classroom

Today I visit the first graders in their first lesson: at the beginning of the day, they choose what they would like to work on. At the moment, some of the children are working on post cards to send to their partner class at a primary school in Germany.

The first graders’ classroom is colorful and decorated with different materials, e.g. there are posters showing photos of pupils with their families and short texts where they introduce their parents and siblings. Some of them have also written about where they come from. There are also colorful signs with numbers illustrated with images of differently looking children. The classroom door of year three shows welcome greetings in different languages in a similar manner.


Cairo: Creative (re)mix

The cover picture of the December issue of the 2015 students’ newspaper shows how students at the BHS Cairo connect German and Egyptian cultures.

The decorated Christmas tree stands in a pot on which the name of a typical Egyptian dish, “Koshari“, is written. Koshari is largely written in Latin letters, but the “sch” in the middle is replaced with the Arabic “shin” (ش). A creative mix between Arabic and Latin scripts.

Seoul: Love thy enemy!

In a religious study class, pupils sit in groups of four to five around tables, all have their laptops in front of them, talk to each other and type on their keypads.
“We are working on our film script”, one explains to me. The topic is the Sermon on the Mount and the pupils have chosen one verse from it. “First, we have to read the verse many times, so that we understand what’s going on”, adds another. Then they started to work on the topic of love of one’s enemy and came up with a story. In their film, they address the relationship between two sisters.

Seoul: Christmas can come!

The Christmas spirit finds its way into the DSSI!
A group of mothers sets a record in unpacking big boxes with Christmas decorations, and they transform hallways and classrooms.
Students in art class draw Christmas pictures as decorations for one of the hallways and the third graders have built a nativity scene during their crafts lesson.
Christmas is the key theme in the teachers’ room as well as at parents’ meetings. They still have to organize a lot by the weekend of first advent when the school opens its doors to outside visitors for the traditional Christmas market.