Seoul: Of apples and pears…

Today in politics-class students from year 11 talk about societal opposites. The theme is ‘Young & old’. First, the students and their teacher talk about the German population pyramid. They then research the situation for South Korea. “How does the situation look like more than 10.00 km away from Germany?”, the teacher asks. The teenagers […]

Seoul: The falling ball

„And now let’s see what happens if we drop the ball“, the teacher encourages Alisa and smiles. The pupil just joined the extracurricular programming-group and works on her first game. At the desk across from her, two pupils work on a game that one of them has been tinkering on for some sessions. At DSSI, […]

Seoul: Chemistry with a twist

Today, the sixth graders carry out their projects using different media: in pairs, they research illnesses like cholera and tuberculosis online and create posters.

Hello, Seoul!

Welcome at the Deutsche Schule Seoul International – I am curious to see what I will experience here!