Cairo: A portrait of the Headmaster

Wolfgang Selbert has been Headmaster of the German School Beverly Hills Cairo since 2016.

He studied German, History and Latin and has been teaching grammar schools (Gymnasien) in Germany and abroad since 1998.
In 2002, he came to Cairo for the first time to lead the German Protestant High School in Cairo,
then he headed the Eichendorff Gymnasium in Koblenz and was director of the German Embassy School Tehran in Iran from 2010-16.
Wolfgang Selbert is assisted by Fevzi Türkyilmaz and Martin Zeisler – two enthusiastic teachers from Germany.

Mr. Selbert teaches history with full dedication. He finds his lessons to be particularly exciting when there are different views on developments in the past.
That’s why he prefers to have Egyptian and German textbooks next to each other and compare them in class.